Team Practice (Fall)

 When:3:50pm-5:15pm Monday through Friday

 Where:  Upper field near trail entrance.

We will practice on the first day of school!

After school, athletes should quickly change into running clothes. Be on the upper field ready to run by 3:50! Runners will not be able to participate until his/her physical is cleared!

All athletes should have a watch, water bottle, and proper running shoes-- preferably from a running specialty store such as Big Peach Running Company

Athletes sign up for Remind Alerts by texting

"@ncxc" to 81010

Parents sign up for Remind Alerts by texting
"@ncxcpar" to 81010

Coach Huff will send out text updates about practice through this forum.


Head Coach:

     John Huff

Assistant Coaches: 

       Natalie Hise


     Sue Jackson


       Craig Denison


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Summer Training  (2022)

Log your miles through FinalSurge. You can do this on your phone or a computer. I'll send you the invitation to join via email.

These plans begin on May 31. Though, any miles logged between May 27 & Aug 1 will count towards bag tags!

These plans are meant as a solid minimum amount of mileage this summer. You can do more, but keep it at an EZ pace.

Allatoona Creek Park on M & F

NCHS (behind the Arena) on Wed

Most of the miles you run will be LSD (Long Slow Distance) type miles. We'll throw in some other training too, but the summer should be a time for making a base for what we'll build in the fall. We need you to be a strong, confident runner, and injury free!

Some guidance for picking the right plan:

If you've participated in a Jr XC program, or spent lots of years playing a running sport, then you can count this as at least a year of running. Ask a coach if you're unsure!

What about cross training??

This is a great question. Unless you're injured (and a coach knows), cross training miles should be above your minimum plan. Remember that we are training to be runners, so running should be the focus! No more than 10% of your miles towards a bag tag can be cross training.

Make sure to include this in your log notes! For example, If you log miles biking, then make sure I know that it was biking!